Check Out the New Book Trailer for ‘President Trump’s Month’

Check Out the New Book Trailer for ‘President Trump’s Month’

President Trump’s Month was written earlier this year as satirical fiction back when Donald Trump was one of several Republican candidates vying for the party’s nomination. The book was published just after Mr. Trump became the nominee at the GOP convention.

Now that Mr. Trump has won the presidency, this book has become even more relevant.

A novella, President Trump’s Month imagines a Trump presidency with a term rivaling that of William Henry Harrison. Combining political satire with legal research, the book’s epistolary format presents a narrative to readers through a series of “official” documents, including executive orders, presidential proclamations, transcripts of speeches, and more.

The story doesn’t appear to end well, but is it Mr. Trump’s fault? And where is he?

President Trump’s Month: An Epistolary Novella by Ron Leshnower (Hillocrian Creative) retails for $11.99 (paperback) and is now available for download for only $2.99 (Kindle). Visit the book’s page for details.

Check out the new book trailer for President Trump’s Month, below.